About American Pride Firearms LLC

American Pride Firearms LLC is owned and operated by Hartselle Alabama native and entrepreneur, Dewey Weaver.  Dewey joined the army in 1974 and after a 22 year career in the army, he returned to Hartselle, Al to become a Forest Ranger for the state. During this time, he went to school to learn the art of gunsmithing. He later got his Master Gunsmith Certification through Phoenix State University.

It was Dewey’s love of firearms that prompted him to become a gunsmith. His origins as a gunsmith began in 1997 when his business was formerly known as “Dixieland Gunslingers”. As an Army “retiree” and a former Army competition shooter, He became very interested in the art of gunsmithing.  As a former competitor, he always wanted a custom pistol grip for his M1A / M14 rifle. Since there weren’t any on the market, he decided to build one for himself. Upon finishing the project, his friends and family were so impressed with the work that he had done, his uncle (who was a gun nut) convinced him that he should learn to be a gunsmith. He enrolled in NRI gunsmith course and the rest is history. As a soldier, he also was a firearms instructor for several years. Any time that a unit had some soldiers that weren’t able to qualify with their rifles, they were brought to him, earning him two nicknames… “Gun Smoke” and Mr. BRM (Basic Rifle Marksmanship).  He has a few of his trophies displayed in the gun shop today. Dewey will have a manufacture’s FFL in the near future  and will be turning out his own line of high quality firearms.  Dewey’s mission is to offer the citizens of the Southeast and nationally, quality gunsmith work as well as custom rifles and pistols.

October 22, 2018